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volume 1 performance videos
peaches in London
number 1 "peaches"
regen in france
number 2 "jerky regen-art in noisy le grand"
welcome to notts
number 3 "welcome to nottinghamshire 3"
number 4 "m25 toward gatwick"
parole board
number 5 "parole board, camberwell"
cornelius cardew
number 6 "cornelius cardew, goldsmiths college"
CCTV in Swindon
number 7 "mobile -CCTV, wiltshire police, swindon"
number 8 "afoundation, liverpool"
lower parkamoor
number 9 "thinking space for the north, low parkamoor, lake district"
bakerloo line
number 10 "bakerloo line, london, 1906 -2006 [9.5mb]"
number 11 "strizivojna-vrpolje"
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volume 1 performance videos