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thinking the other way round
  thinking A side thinking B side

Lytie (Vocals), Simon Poulter (Guitars, Synths), Alvin Ewen (Bass, Keyboards, Djembe), Gareth Brown (Drums)

Produced by Simon Poulter, Alvin Ewen and James Kennaby | Engineered by James Kennaby and Dan Hayward at CMAT, Handsworth, England. Thanks: Richard Milner, Karl Greenwood, Emma Chetcuti, Chloe Brown, Bob, Tami, Owen and Katie at CMAT
Available as 7 inch vinyl from 20 May 2009 - email: to purchase a copy
Thinking The Other Way Round is a collaboration between Simon Poulter and musicians from Birmingham. The work has been directly commissioned by Multistory with assistance from Arts Council England and Urban Living. The work is part of the Beyond Bricks programme of artist projects in East Handsworth and Lozells (Birmingham, England)