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Rome was built in fifteen days. Ten of these were spent working in residence at the Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough, England, during April 2003. The design for the minature shopping centre was pre-fabricated using medium density fibreboard and small TFT screens. I visited many model shops and eventually decided to work on 'HO' scale [1:74]. This scale is used by model railway builders in the UK.The work itself explores several ideas. Firstly, it is a simulation - literally a shopping centre made in a shopping centre. Secondly, I was asked to make something with wide appeal. I pushed this idea towards what I call 'New Social Realism'. Art made to please the maximum number of people.The work was seen by thousands of people in the shopping centre and I spoke to several hundred. Thanks to Dominic Thomas for expert assistance and Mike Stubbs for the commission.
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