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16 April 2009 - Meeting with the new Number 2. [images below - Number 2]
number 2
number 2
number 2
1 April 2009 - Detained at 'The Bank' among a large crowd. Searched for weapons, photographed by coercion. 'If you don't we'll arrest you, DNA, the lot...' Apparently 'they' are interested in me - who are 'they'? Nobody will tell me. I am not a free man, I'm on a database. Two of them murmured that the inspector had invoked section 60 of the Criminal Justice Bill.
prisoner - bank of england
prisoner - bank of england
prisoner - bank of england
the bank of england

SXSW, Austin, Texas 2009

Is Social Networking Social Control? Steve in the picture above lives in the village. He couldn't answer my questions but he was eager to tell me about his work with code. BLOG POST

what do you want?
What do you want? Information! I spent the day looking for information and particularly trying to find out who is Number 1. I now have a strong sense of the village although it seems to have become global. From this tree I observed a multitude of visitors coming to and from the village.

stake out

number 1
Who is Number 1? Yesterday, I took this very grainy picture of a man whom I am reliably informed is Number 1. Today, I am going to identify him and provide a full profile. BLOG POST
google - who is number 1?

A Profile of Number 1
expert in gesture and search
uninterested in ranking
no apparent status anxiety
clearly in control
leading the field
observing trends but never following them
presently operating in stealth mode
highly responsive
multi-skilled and multi-lingual
fully resourced
absent and omniscient

Remaking The Prisoner (in Austin, Texas) BLOG POST